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Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

United Hospital Center is committed to the provision of healthcare services to all patients regardless of race, sex, or the ability to pay. In addition, the ability to pay will not influence the provision of appropriate healthcare services. However, the patient is ultimately responsible for the resolution of his or her account. This may include providing accurate information to the hospital, assisting in the coordination of insured benefits, and providing information requested from the UHC Business Office.

No collection efforts of any kind will occur when patients present to our Emergency Room until AFTER services have been provided.

The payment of any services, unless paid by a third party insurance carrier or the patient qualifies for financial assistance/charity care (see below) may be made utilizing check, debit card, cash, Master Card, Visa, Discover, check by phone, hospital payment plan or automatic regular withdrawal from your bank account. You may also make your payment online via the UHC web at

UHC will notify you of any balance owed via a monthly statement as well as collection letters and/or telephone calls depending on the age of the account(s). Accounts that remain unpaid after a reasonable period of time may be subjected to additional collection efforts through the court system and/or collection agencies. This process can include listing the delinquent account on your credit report.

Accounts remaining unpaid because of expected litigation due to an accident, for example a motor vehicle accident, will not be subjected to our normal collection efforts for a reasonable period of time, provided that we have received a Letter of Protection from the appropriate attorney. If the attorney refuses to provide adequate assurance of payment, the account may be referred to UHC's legal counsel for appropriate action.

United Hospital Center is committed to helping the uninsured by offering a 10% discount for payment in full within 45 days. UHC also offers extend payment plans and does not assess interest charges. However, UHC acknowledges that there are patients who do not possess the ability to pay for healthcare services. For those situations, we do offer a financial assistance/charity care program as described below.

United Hospital Center will provide financial assistance/charity care at 100 percent of billed charges to those patients where the household income (defined as income for all individuals existing in the same dwelling) is at 200 percent or below the federal poverty guidelines as published annually by the Community Services Administration in the Federal Register and where there are not substantial cash convertible assets or disposable income as defined in our Charity Care Policy. Elective procedures or cosmetic/plastic procedures may not be eligible to be covered under the financial assistance/charity care program.

Financial assistance/charity care is predicated upon the completion of the Patient Financial Status Statement as well as the patient seeking Medicaid eligibility. An individual's failure to comply with our documentation and/or soliciting Medicaid process shall be excluded from consideration.

Completion of the Patient Financial Status Statement will include but may not be limited to:

Demographic Information

Sources of income

Monthly earnings from employer

Total household income

Monthly expenses

Asset and liability information

Proof of income (current tax returns, current pay stubs, current bank statements)

An associate from our Business Office is available to assist patients in this process and will analyze the Patient Financial Status Statement according to our guidelines in our Financial Assistance/Charity Care Policy. If there are items missing, you will receive a letter indicating what items we may require to complete processing. If the application is approved, you will receive your financial assistance/charity care card as well as a letter explaining that you must present your card for each visit you make to the hospital. It will also explain that charity care is valid for six months from the date of approval and may be discontinued during that time if the patient becomes Medicaid eligible. After six months, a new application and approval will be required.

You may obtain an application for charity care from any UHC Registration associate when you present for services. Applications are also available from the Customer Service Representative located in the main lobby of UHC. If you would like an application for charity care assistance mailed to you, please contact our Customer Service Department at 681-342-3100.

If you have any questions about this process or would like to receive a complete copy of our Credit and Collections Policy or our Charity Policy, please contact our Customer Service Department at 681-342-3100.


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