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A cut, scratch or blister is no big deal to most of us; our bodies' natural healing mechanisms kick in and we are back to normal in no time. We take our bodies' ability to heal more or less for granted. But for millions of Americans, it may be much more serious. An estimated five million Americans with diabetes, pressure ulcers, circulatory or other health problems suffer from chronic nonhealing sores, which can result in serious infection, gangrene or even amputation.

United Hospital Center now offers therapy to patients who have wounds that won't heal. UHC's Wound Care Center, located at 916 West Main Street, Bridgport, WV  is operated jointly by UHC and Curative Health Services, a New York-based company which is the national leader in wound care treatment.

Wound care treatment involves a comprehensive approach to nonhealing wounds that includes evaluation, treatment, instructions in home care and, when appropriate, special growth -factor therapy that uses natural platelets from the patient's own blood cells to stimulate healing.

This center brings together an integrated team of wound care specialists working in communication with the patient's primary care physician, all in a single location.

The team includes physicians with advanced training in wound management and a nursing staff trained in care of chronic wounds. The team evaluates and treats the wound, establishes measures to prevent its recurrence, and keeps the primary care doctor informed of the patient's progress. Patients are seen by a physician during each visit.

For more information, call United Hospital Wound Care Center at 304-842-1034 or 1-800-920-3013.

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