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Helping Prevent Falls

Upon admission a nurse will complete a fall risk evaluation to determine if you are at risk for falling while in the hospital, and a safe environment will be maintained in the following ways:

  • The staff will orient you to your room upon admission and throughout your stay as needed
  • The staff will use upper bed rails
  • The staff will make sure the bed is in a low position and the brakes are working properly
  • The staff will remove any unnecessary furniture that could cause you to fall
  • The staff will make sure that access to the bathroom is free of furniture and clutter
  • The staff will make sure that there is proper lighting in your room at all times and especially at night
  • The staff will clean up all spills up as soon as they happen
  • The staff will answer your call bell promptly
  • The staff will make sure that all items you use are within easy reach (water, waste basket, urinal, etc)
  • The staff will offer to take you to the bathroom frequently and if needed set a schedule for night toileting
  • The staff will involve your family members as much as possible
  • You should not use the over bed table to lean on because they have wheels and will roll when you lean on them
  • You should not take the telephone across the rom as you could trip and fall
  • At night, if hte staff deems it necessary, an alarm may be turned on to remind you not to get out of bed by yourself

Please feel free to express any concerns or questions you may have to the staff about your safety or care.

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