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United Hospital Centerís billing department will file your medical insurance claim. If you are not covered by insurance, arrangements for the payment of the bill should be made with the Customer Assistance Department. Each patient is ultimately responsible for payment of all services rendered. If you would like an itemized statement, please contact the Customer Assistance Department and one will be mailed to you.

You will receive a separate bill each time you visit the hospital. This means that you may have several open accounts at one time. WE encourage you to contact a patient account representative and request that accounts be combined into one account. This will simplify the payment and record keeping of your account.

Certain physician fees, such as those charged by the physician who interpreted your x-ray or administered anesthesia during surgery, EEG interpretations, EMG conductions, stress tests, Holter Monitor interpretations, emergency department physician fees and radiation oncologist fees are not included in the hospital bill. You will receive separate statements from the physician for these services as well as separate statements from your personal physicians and/or consulting physician.

If you have any questions concerning your bill, please feel free to call 681-342-3100. You should contact the organizations listed if you have questions concerning fees from your anesthesiologist, emergency department physician, and radiologist or radiation oncologist.

Patient Account Representative

For your convenience, the Patient Account Representativeís office is located in the hospitalís front lobby. You or a family member are welcome to visit the office to obtain information on insurance coverage or any other questions you may have concerning the payment of your bill.

  • University Health Associates Department of Emergency Medicine 1-800-541-4009
  • Radiation Oncologist Patient Accounts 681-342-1824
  • Radiological Physician Associates 1-866-338-6463
  • UHC Anesthesia Services 1-888-505-2455

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