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Confidentiality at UHC

Keeping personal health information confidential has always been an important part of the care we deliver at United Hospital Center. In 2003, a federal law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was introduced to help protect patient privacy.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Upon first admission, UHC provides each patient a Notice of Privacy Practices form that explains the hospital’s role in protecting patient privacy. After review of this form, each patient is asked to sign it. A copy of the form is kept on file, and a patient does not have to sign a form on each visit unless information in the form has changed. Download a pdf of our Privacy Practices

Patient Code

To help UHC provide health information to the people who are involved in your care, we will give each inpatient a “patient code.” Anyone asking for information about your care will not be given the information unless they know the code. You will need to give your code to those people who you want to obtain information about your care. Let them know that when they ask for information about you, they will be asked to provide the code number to the staff. If they do not have the code, information – with the exception of name, location and general condition – will not be provided. It is very important that the people you give your code to not share it with anyone else without your permission. If you have any questions about UHC’s privacy practice or the patient code, be sure to ask your nurse.

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